The Wine Chronicle 《品醇集》



By David Ma


Australian leading wine company Treasury Wine Estates (TWE) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with China’s state owned fine wine distributor W&W International to distribute the Rawson’s Retreat brand in China, making it the second TWE flagship brand after Penfolds to be distributed by W&W International.

W&W International is the wine importing arm of China’s state-owned food stuff conglomerate China National Cereals, Oils and Foodstuffs Corporation (COFCO).

TWE has also signed an MOU with C&D Wine, an independent wine distributor based in the port city of Xiamen in southern China, to distribute Rawson’s Retreat.

Before 2016, Penfolds, Rawson’s Retreat and another TWE brand Wolf Blass had long been distributed by ASC Fine Wines in China, a wine distributor owned by the Japanese wine and spirit company Suntory.

The transfer of Penfolds and Rawson’s Retreat to Chinese distributors indicates the unparalleled prowess of mainland distributors in tapping the markets of China’s lower-tier cities where greatest growth potential can be found.

Jack Wu, general manager of TWE China said Rawson’s Retreat was designated as a priority brand by his company in April this year. He said a lot of effort and investment had since be devoted to brand building and market research.

He added that the MOU signed with the two influential Chinese distributors was one of the crucial moves to promote the Rawson’s Retreat brand.

Li Shiyi, deputy general manager of COFCO and Wine & Wine International said building on the success of their on-going co-operation with TWE, they were confident about making Rawson’s Retreat a success in China.

Li added that as the most influential Chinese fine wine importer and distributor, his company will use all channels available to promote the Rawson’s Retreat brand.

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